Rodrigo Luz is a Clinical Psychologist, Thanatologist and Palliative Caregiver from Brazil. He’s an active member of the Laboratory of Thanatology and Psychiatry in Other Medical Conditions, linked to the Institute of Psychiatry of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

He is part of the Research and Intervention Group in Situations of Suffering at Work at the Institute of Psychology at UFRJ. He’s the author of the book Contemporary Experiences on Death and Dying: The Legacy of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross to Our Days, published in Portuguese in 2019. Rodrigo coordinates the advanced training on Thanatology and Palliative Care of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation in Brazil along with several social projects of the foundation in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil.

He and his team coordinate seminars on death and dying, interviewing patients facing death, using the same model created by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in the 1960s. Rodrigo is also a professor in several postgraduate courses in Palliative Care in Brazil, such as the Casa do Cuidar in São Paulo, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, the University of Pernambuco, and in several regions of Brazil. He’s part of the Compassionate Communities project and coordinates several palliative and compassionate care actions with unprivileged populations, in the Rocinha favela, within the city of Rio de Janeiro. He’s the President of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation Brazil.

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