Joanne is the Founder and COO of Joanne Taylor. She is a Life Coach, End of Life Doula and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a BSN Joanne has held positions of Staff RN all the up to Clinical Director.

After more than 15 years in various healthcare establishments, there was yet an inner surge to do more than her experience had revealed as caring for the sick and hurting. Experiencing and watching humankind in mental, physical and spiritual dis-ease in “the modern world”, gave birth to her quest to be a partner in removing the clutter , we keep in front, to avoid self-love and self-healing. In 2017 Joanne completed her Health Coach Training, later her End of Life ODula training, and started a new chapter in her life. One in which she could help other through coaching conversation and story, establish a partnership with clients and provide support/space holding, a system approach and hold accountable for the pathway designed to remove the “clutter” blocks to their vision of health and wellness.

Joanne loves the direction her patient care has taken in the later years. She utilizes the Moto: “THERE IS NOTHING MORE WE CAN DO. My intentions and hope is "We CAN KEEP LOVING LIFE"....OUR Journey Begins Here.”