Demetress Curl - Harrell, of Lufkin, Texas, is an active community leader, wife, and staunch advocate for all things good and progressive in East Texas. Mrs. Harrell strives for excellence in her daily life as she promotes the values of self-worth to her colleagues, spiritual peers, and everyone she meets. Now serving as the Chief Executive Officer for Hospice in the Pines, Incorporated, where she has been employed for the past 26 years.

Demetress enjoys being an integral part of a non- profit organization and also serves on the Board for the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance and Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization both just minutes from our State Capitol in Austin, Texas. Her caring and compassionate spirit made Mrs. Harrell a perfect fit for the organization, allowing her to climb the ranks through many supervisory opportunities and in 1997 she accepted the appointment as interim Executive Director.

For more than 18 years Mrs. Harrell has also served as an adjunct instructor at Angelina Community College where she can be found motivating her many students and encouraging their educational endeavors, challenging them to push harder, dig deeper, and reach farther. Attaining a Bachelor’s degree with double majors in Social Work and Sociology, and a Masters of Arts, Mrs. Harrell has also completed many hours in pursuit of a PhD in Public Health Administration.

Demetress has been a long-term member of the American’s Healthcare Executive and is certified in leadership management. There is not a stronger advocate for community service to be found, as the service programs, community projects, and civic and religious organizations she serves are too numerous to name. Demetress serves as Board of Director for Catholic Health Initiatives Texas Division of hospitals and is the Chair for the Quality Assurance Committee on the Board.

In December of 2014 Demetress received a prestigious honor which was an appointment to the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization Education Committee and was also presented a Community Service award by the Concerned Black Men Association of Lufkin. Today she is a member of the CEO steering committee for the National Hospice Organization. In 2017 Demetress was honored with the Athena Award from the Chamber of Commerce and stands among other female honorees who are committed to impactful leadership.

While much of her life has centered around end of life care, it is her unselfish commitment to Rotary that defines her passion for service. In 1998 Mrs. Harrell pledged membership to the Angelina County Rotary Club where she served as President in 2006 and selected to serve again in 2015-2016. Demetress is a multiple Paul Harris fellow as well as a member this year of the Paul Harris Society. She has made a significant effort to support Rotary’s international push to eradicate Polio and has honored her mother as a PH Fellow. In 2017 she was awarded the Rotary Roll of Fame and continues to employ the highest form of integrity. Since 2016 Demetress has served as the District 5910 Membership

Development Chair and has worked diligently to increase membership among the District’s 39 clubs. In 2018 Demetress was appointed to take on a dual leadership role as Assistant Governor and Membership Director Chair for her Rotary District. At the end of 2018 Demetress was recognized for improving her District membership numbers to promote growth. For the last year Demetress served a RI Assistant Rotary Coordinator for membership under Zone 25B a position which she highly adored. Her love for Rotary has never denied opportunities, only embrace a loyal commitment. Today Demetress is preparing to serve her final year as an appointed Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 25B under Rotary International and is now slated for her newest appointment as District Governor Nominee 2020-2021. Demetress is honored to serve and work with Clubs around her assigned District to improve and strengthen leadership as well as engage membership. Demetress has been one of the few Rotarians in her community to present at a Rotary International Convention of which she did in 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Demetress has always enjoyed writing and has written several children’s books on grief and continues to invest time in developing new tools that will build the initiative in successful of hospice outcomes. Mrs. Harrell and her husband are founders of the Sherman and Mandy Curl Memorial Scholarship Foundation, through which educational financial assistance has been provided to 15 deserving students over seven years. Mr. and Mrs. Harrell also focus their philanthropic efforts on Texas Children’s Hospital, The Women’s Place, The Boys & Girls Club, Rotary Foundation and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Demetress will never deny that she of course her most passionate for her organization Hospice in the Pines.