Day 1 Topics:

  1. Suzanne B. O'Brien, RN: Keynote Address.
  2. Adrian Allotey: Founding You Are Not Alone Elder Care and Her Doula Work Here in The USA.
  3. Barbara Karens, RN: When Hospice Began in the United States, We Were Death Doulas.
  4. Ken Ross: The 10 Stages of Grief: How Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross Continues to Impact Our World- Now More Than Ever.

Day 2 Topics:

  1. Susan Dustin:  End of Life Without Boarders
  2. Raquel Battle PhD BlissfulSage Foundation: Building End of Life Doula Community Support Programs in Belize
  3. Brad Wolfe:  How Reimagining End of Life Teaches Us About How to Live
  4. Merilynne Rush, RN: The Growth of the EOL Movement and Formation of National End of Life Doula Alliance ( NEDA ).

Day 3 Topics:

  1. Demetress Harrell: Incorporating End of Life Doula Programs in Hospice 
  2. Ridolf Cymorr Kirby Martinez: Brining Palliative Care into Communities and The Importance of Teaching End of Life Doula Education in Nursing Schools.
  3. Dr. Karen Wyatt: Understanding Hospice Care Past and Present and Love as the Best Medicine.
  4. Zenith Virago: Supporting the Dying and Bereaved with Presence, Spirituality and Practical Teachings.

Day 4 Topics:

  1. Olivia Bareham: Death Midwifery, Home Wakes and Body Care.
  2. Keshnie Mathi: The Formation of End of Life Supportive Alliance South Africa (ELSA) and Cultural Differences at EOL.
  3. Rodrigo Luz: Bringing Advanced Training on Thanatology and Palliative Care of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation to Brazil.
  4. Caren Martineau: Being Part of the Change and Bringing Death Literacy to America

Day 5 Topics:

  1. Felicity Warner: Founding the Soul Midwives Movement UK.
  2. MIchael Hebb: The Nourishment of Death Over Dinner and Creation of EOL Collective.
  3. Valoria Walker:  Founding "Doula By Destiny"

Day 6 Topics:

  1. Sarah Kerr: The Importance of Ritual and Ceremony at the End of Life.
  2. Deanna Cochran, RN: National Initiatives Now in Place for the Death Doula Movement.
  3. Joanne Taylor: Embracing and Learning From All Life Transitions 

Day 7 Topics:

  1. Dr. Shoshauna Ungerlieider: Ending Well as a Measure of Living Well: Take 10 Virtual Event.
  2. Tarron Estes: .The Spiritual Component of End of Life Care and Working  With the Health Care System
  3. Suzanne B. O'Brien, RN: Closing Remarks

Speaker presentation times:  All-Access Pass members may log in and access presentations at their convenience.  Free Attendees will have access to the presentations for 24 hours.  All presentations for the day will be released at 12pm ET(New York Time) and be available until 11;59am the following day. For example:  If you are wanting to see Adrian Allotey  presentation,  Her presentations will be released at 12pm ET on November 16th.  It will be available for viewing until 11:59am ET on November 17.